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by Sean Martinelli,  Wed June 07, 2023

Amid seniors at Cape Coral Stamp Club, a kid embraces his own collection

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Since 1985, the Cape Coral Stamp Club has been a meeting spot for postage lovers from across Southwest Florida. Currently, the club is the largest on Florida’s Gulf Coast, south of Venice. 

The club brings together people to sell, swap, or simply admire fellow members’ stamp collections. 

But there is another thing that binds together most of the attendees. “It’s mostly older people, you know?,” one member remarked at the club’s monthly meeting. 

It’s true. The hobby may not be widely embraced by newer generations. But in Cape Coral, there is an exception: 10-year-old Nelson Acosta. 

“He comes home from school and says, ‘I want to look at my stamps’,” Nelson’s father, who shares the same name with his son, said. 

The father and son duo discovered the Cape Coral Stamp Club in 2022. They have since been embraced by the other members. 

“The comment I’ve heard the most is [Nelson] reminds them of when they started stamp collecting,” Nelson Sr. said.

Maybe Nelson will discover what his fellow postage lovers did: 63 cents buys you a stamp that lasts forever. But it can also get you a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

Watch the video above to see Nelson and the Cape Coral Stamp Club in action.